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How to activate your personal Genome card

  • 1

    To find out your card’s PIN, open the Genome app or my.genome.eu and look it up in the “show PIN” section on the Card tab

  • 2

    To activate your Genome card, please complete a chip and PIN transaction. For instance, check the card balance in the ATM or pay at the store (make sure to use the chip)

  • 3

    That’s it! Your personal card is ready for use!

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"Genome®" means a business name of UAB "Maneuver LT", a legal entity registered in Lithuania with its registration number 304785124. The address of Genome’s head office is at Žalgirio g. 92-502, LT-09303, Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania. E-mail: info@genome.eu. Genome has an electronic money institution license # 32 issued by the Bank of Lithuania on March 29, 2018. Genome as electronic money institution is supervised by the Bank of Lithuania. Genome is the Issuer of the Card

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