Merchant services

Offer clients multiple alternative payments methods

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Genome multiple alternative payment methods

Merchant services

Let your customers pay the way they want

Alternative payment method (APM) allows merchants to accept more than just credit/debit cards.pen Genome merchant account to safely accept payments via local payment methods your customers love

Merchant services

Genome APMs include:

Genome convenience of the alternative payment methods

Convenience of the alternative payment methods

APMs are often more popular and secure to use than traditional cards, some of them bring customers additional perks like cashback and loyalty program bonuses, and several are better suited to use locally. This is why Genome made sure merchants can accept over 20 currencies with over 40 alternative payment methods available

Merchant services

Grow your business by engaging more clients

Integrate Genome’s API on your website with a few lines of code. You can choose between H2H or HPP options for better results. Keep your clients on your website for a secure and smooth payment experience

Genome alternative payment methods

Need alternative payments methods on your website?

Open a merchant account to access this and other features in Genome! Open a business account first, and then apply for a merchant account – all is done completely online

Merchant services

How to open a merchant account in Genome

Sign in to Genome and pass business verification

Genome verification

Merchant services

After account opening you will gain access to:

Genome business services

Business services

Transfer money, accept payments, pay your employees, track all the operations, and everything else traditional banking offers

Genome international transfers

International transfers

Exchange money with beneficial rates and send funds using Genome’s instant internal transfers, SEPA or SWIFT payments. Plan your business activity by saving or scheduling them too

Genome merchant account

Merchant account

Accept payments on your website or one of the ecommerce platforms. We have integrations with multiple ecommerce platforms

Genome accessibility


Manage your business finances whenever you feel like it - the services and features are available through the app or a web browser

Genome transaction protection

Transaction protection

With Genome merchants benefit from built-in anti- fraud protection to manage risks and reduce chargebacks

Genome merchant services

Merchant services

Get a 360-degree analysis of the transactions, chargebacks, clients and other metrics with many merchant reports

Merchant services

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