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Open personal IBAN account in EUR without any periodic service charges, like:

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  • Plan your business deposits, transfers and each transaction

  • Incoming transfers inside Genome free for your business. Use alternative payment methods with a transparent rate, starting 3%. Free outgoing transfers inside Genome.

  • IBANs and business accounts

  • Issue IBAN for businezss and open Multicurrency account with no charge.

    Initial business IBAN for non EU-residents from 100 EUR.

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Apply for merchant account and get free unlimited merchant accounts for low-risk industries.

Merchant account application processing starting 0.05% + 0.18 EUR.

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First solutions for direct payouts.

  • Fixed 10% fee for rolling reserve with payout hold period from 2 days only.

  • Free payouts to Genome account for any business vertical.

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