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Money transfers

Safe SWIFT transfers in Genome

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Genome money transfers

International SWIFT transfers for personal and business users

Get used to easy and secure transfers with the benefits of SWIFT global payments available in Genome accounts. No bank lines, no cash troubles: send it, save the template for the next transfers, schedule it securely, completely online
Genome SWIFT transfers

Money transfers

Genome users choose SWIFT payment method because of

Genome convenience


SWIFT payments are one of the most popular ways to send money globally. So whether you send it to your business partners or family — they will receive the funds no matter where they are located
Genome security


The payments are secure and transparent, as SWIFT has strict requirements for banks in that field. Genome adds another level of security with our built-in protection and SCA tools
Genome SWIFT transfers online

Access Genome SWIFT transfers completely online

You can easily access SWIFT through our payment system after opening a personal or a business account within Genome. With an online onboarding and approval process, you can start sending SWIFT payments globally the very same day when your account is approved

Money transfers

How to send an international SWIFT money transfer in Genome

Sign up to Genome, start a personal or a business wallet

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Money transfers

Even more services from Genome for your business

Genome IBAN

Multi-currency IBANs for your business

Open IBAN in your company name in EUR and then, if needed, add more in USD, GBP and EUR (5 IBANS per currency) for free. Make payments in your company name and generate account statements yourself
Genome money transfers

International money transfers

Don’t worry, SWIFT payments are not the only option for your business in Genome. Our team also offers instant internal and SEPA transfers. All can be saved and scheduled in a few clicks
Genome shared access

Shared access to business accounts

Share the workload with your team with Genome’s My Team feature. After they pass the identity verification, it will be available free of charge. Assign roles and edit access rights to the account whenever you see fit
Genome card

Genome Corporate Card

Control your business money flows, track business trip expenses, manage marketing budgets and logistics bills — all with Genome VISA business card, available in slick black plastic matte finish and virtually
Genome security

Security and anti-fraud solution

We take our clients' security seriously with transaction checkups and offer built-in anti-fraud platform tools. Stay secured with SCA compliant Genome, which is licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Lithuania
Genome services

Merchant services

Once you start a business account, you can apply for a merchant one to accept credit card and local method payments on your website. Get access to merchant dashboard and analytics, integrate with e-commerce platforms and more

Money transfers

Looking for more options beside payment by SWIFT?

Genome also provides transfer alternatives that are available for both personal and business account users. Send money from our dashboard using a Genome app or a desktop web version. Find out the transfer costs in the pricing section
Genome internal transfers

Internal transfers

You can send money to other Genome users instantly and for free thanks to our safe internal payments
Genome SEPA payments

SEPA payments

Send money to 36 countries within the eurozone. SEPA payments are completed within 4 hours after transfer initiation