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No more old-fashioned banking

Genome is an electronic money institution that is licensed and supervised by the Bank of Lithuania. We provide all the business account features online: dedicated IBAN, transfers, currency exchange, merchant account, business VISA card. Every day financial services, only faster, more secure and with extended features

Business account online? Easy

Get a business EUR IBAN account for your company fast online and forget the inconveniences and bureaucracy of the traditional banks
Genome multi-currency

Genome business

Genome business account features

Genome IBAN

Multiple IBAN opening

Open multiple IBANs for your business with an onboarding procedure that takes minutes to complete and then up to 15 accounts more in EUR, USD and GBP
Genome currency exchange

Favorable currency exchange rates

Exchange money instantly with a beneficial 1% flat fee over the interbank rate. Our prices for services remain transparent and affordable
Genome transfers

Business transfers & payment templates

Send money with SEPA and SWIFT internationally, make instant internal transfers to other Genome users. Create payment templates and repeat transfers in one click
Genome account

Shared account access

Invite and share company business account access with employees and partners. Assign roles with various access levels for control. Restrict access in one click
Genome reports

Account statements and analytics

Generate account statements in CSV and PDF, access transaction reports and in-depth analytics to always be in control of your business account
Genome app

Real-time notification

Oversee company’s money in one place, in different currencies with real-time notifications and Genome’s built-in transaction security tools

Genome business

How to apply for a business account

Sign up to Genome and choose a business wallet type

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Genome transfers

Genome perfected the art of transfers

You name it, we provide it: SEPA, SWIFT, cross-border, inside the Genome system etc. With Genome, you can find the option for your transfers with beneficial fees and highest security coverage

Need a multi-currency solution for your business?

Your Genome business account is also a multi-currency one! After opening your first business account in euro, you can add up to five accounts in each of the currencies: EUR, GBP, and USD. Add these right away from the dashboard in Genome, you will not need to apply for these or verify something again!
Genome multi-currency
Genome card

Introducing Genome Card for Business

Keep your business transactions in check with your VISA debit card. Perfect for business trips and expenses. Order a physical card in slick black matte finish or open a virtual one with instant access

Genome business

Start a merchant account with Genome

Accept and process multiple currencies through Genome’s merchant account. The money received will be converted into USD, EUR, or GBP – depending on which kind of settlement account you choose
Genome account manager

Dedicated account manager

Every Genome merchant gets a personal dedicated account manager and dev specialist to assist on every step of the way: from API integration (H2H and HPP) to account management
Genome payment and processing options

Payment and processing options

Customers can pay with traditional payment methods like Mastercard and Visa cards. Or you can offer them alternative payment methods: iDeal, Sofort, Giropay, Przelewy24, Trustly, MyBank, and a plethora of others
Genome Fraud-protection


Genome uses Covery anti-fraud platform for risk management and merchant protection from fraudulent chargebacks. We are compliant with PSD2 and PCI DSS for an extra layer of security
Genome analytics

Easy analytics

Genome provides multiple merchant reports. Using these, you can track and analyze the situation with transactions, chargeback, approve ratio, chargeback ratio, and more!

Genome business

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Genome business

Stay in control with Genome App

Perform your day-to-day financial activities easily, fast, and on the go. Follow your money flows, get transaction notifications, extract statements, manage your VISA card and all the financial things wherever you are
Genome iOS app

Download Genome app

Pick the platform of your smartphone and scan the QR code to start using Genome on the go
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Earn money with Genome Referral Program

Use our referral program for business wallets: recommend Genome to other companies or your partners and send your custom link. Once they use it to open a Euro IBAN, you will be getting commission bonuses for their outgoing and incoming transfers, and currency exchange
Genome Referral Program