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Better solution for online money management

Securely keep, pay for goods and services, and send money with Genome. Our electronic money institution follows the strict standards of traditional banks, as we are regulated by Lithuania’s central bank. The main difference — we provide all our services online, at your convenience.

Starting from onboarding in Genome

Starting from onboarding in Genome

When applying for a personal account, you need to pass an identity verification. This way we won’t allow account opening to someone who uses stolen personal data. To identify you, Genome uses an AI-powered service, which deals with over 4600 document types from 195 countries, so you can confirm your identity remotely.

To your every login in Genome

To your every login in Genome

Each login you make after verification is protected with two-step verification as a part of SCA recommendation. It demands a password or biometry confirmation along with the secret code received by email or SMS.

Genome personal

How the identity verification works in Genome

Sign up to Genome and choose the personal account option.

Sign up to Genome

Start verification process: provide information about yourself. Receive a secure link via SMS and follow it.

Start verification process

Choose a document you would like to upload and take a picture of it.

Choose a document

Finish the process by recording a quick video selfie.

video selfie


Every transaction is safe without flow damages

Genome secures transaction flow between your wallet and any other account in the world. We use TLS/SSL encryption that protects the communication within different online networks. Besides that, all outgoing transfers go through 2-step verification verification with the confirmation code input. There are also optional digital signature verifications.

Track transactions

Track transactions with instant push-notifications

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    Receive push-notifications for money transfers.

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    Be updated on your wallet’s status.

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    Be notified of all account updates.

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