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Apple Pay contactless payments with Genome

Apple Pay contactless payments with Genome

Use Apple Pay via Genome’s cards

Apple Pay is a fast and secure way of paying for goods and services at stores and other places. Genome’s cards are Apple Pay compatible, allowing you to purchase effortlessly with your phone. Get your NFC-compatible Genome card within minutes and try it out!

NFC mobile payments

What are NFC mobile payments?

The near-field communication (NFC) technology allows for making contactless payments without using physical money or bank cards. Instead of paying by card, you pay by placing your phone or smartwatch near the special reader machine at the counter. On iOS devices, NFC mobile payments happen thanks to Apple Pay.

Make payments anywhere

Make payments anywhere with Genome

Take your paying by card experience to a whole another level! Genome offers both virtual and physical Visa debit cards to use worldwide. Our virtual cards are available within minutes after you apply for them and can be used for online payments and Apple Pay contactless ones. Physical debit cards are delivered straight to you and can be used anywhere Visa is accepted, and you still have an option to add them to Apple Pay and use contactless payments even when the card is on its way to you.

Contactless payments with virtual debit cards

When you use Genome, Apple Pay contactless payments are available via our Visa cards for personal and business wallets. The virtual cards provide an entirely digital experience: you start the account online and can get a virtual card within minutes after opening it. All the card data and information about transactions will be stored inside the account.

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How to order a Genome virtual card

Apply for a personal/business wallet online. Provide necessary documents and information to pass the verification.

Apply for a personal/business wallet online

Log into your account and go to the "Cards" menu from the dashboard.

Log into your account

Select a virtual card and confirm the cardholder details.

Select a virtual card and confirm the cardholder details

How to use Apple Pay

Apple Pay allows you to quickly pay for goods and services using iOS devices instead of cash and credit, debit cards. The money you spend comes from a card or a digital wallet you link to your Apple Pay account prior. It needs to be done just once. Linking our virtual cards is even easier, see for yourself.

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Activate Apple Pay on a virtual card

Log into your account, visit the "Cards" menu.

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Select the virtual card you want to pay with, click the "Add to Apple Wallet" button.

Select the virtual card you want to pay

You have enabled Apple Pay contactless payments - go and try it out!

You have enabled Apple Pay

Genome stands for

Services for companies and individuals

Services for companies and individuals

We offer personal, business, and merchant accounts, providing a swift customer journey. All your accounts, transfers, and transactions are always available in the app.

Multicurrency accounts

Multicurrency accounts

No matter if you have chosen a personal or a business wallet, within it, you can start multiple accounts in different currencies. Open up to 5 accounts per currency - EUR, USD, and GBP.

Secure money transfers

Secure money transfers

Send money around Europe using SEPA payments. You can also make instant internal transfers to other Genome users. The transactions you make will stay inside the app.

Before using it at the store, ensure that your Apple device has NFC enabled. Open the app and add a debit card you want to use for payments. To make a purchase, place your phone or Apple Watch next to the NFC reader. The app may require that you confirm the transaction using touch ID, face ID, or PIN.

The app does not charge you anything for using its services online or at stores.

Genome's virtual and physical Visa cards for individuals and business users are all eligible for Apple Pay.

Physically, people use their iPhones or Apple Watches to pay for things. The process is simple: once you have everything set up for payments and in a place that accepts this payment method, place the phone/watch near the reader, then approve the transaction.

Tap to pay is a term used to describe contactless payments made using a card with a chip or an NFC-enabled device on a checkout terminal. So, when you use Apple Pay at a store, you are actually tapping to pay.

If your phone runs on iOS, you can use Apple Pay to do it. Just open the app and link a card you want to make payments with.

Note that the ATM you need must be cardless and have NFC enabled. Open your Apple Pay. From there, you will need to select a card for payments. Tap your smartphone near the contactless symbol on the ATM and enter the card's PIN.

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