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Open a business account online in the EU and abroad

Genome open business account online
Apply for a business account online in Genome

Apply for an online business account in Genome

Starting corporate accounts in traditional banks can throw you into the loop of endless bureaucracy. But with Genome, the opening of the international account (business IBAN) takes place online, and your money will be protected by the National Bank of Lithuania with anti-fraud features. See for yourself — open a business account online today!

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Business accounts

Elevate from traditional bank experience

Besides quick signup and online onboarding, Genome provides businesses with a full set of services and tools for financial operations once they open an online business account. Secure SEPA transfers, multi-currency account opening in EUR, USD, and GBP, beneficial currency exchange, mass payments, and, of course, merchant account opening all in one Genome ecosystem.

Business accounts

How to apply for an online business account in Genome

Sign up to Genome and pass the identity verification (you will need an ID document and a smartphone for that).

Genome pass the identity verification

Finish the application: provide information about your business, its registration address, and ownership structure. Yes, opening an online business account is that simple!

Genome provide information about your business
Genome use preferred currencies

Use preferred currencies in your business account

Genome’s online business accounts are all about convenience. The company account is available to you 24/7 — via the app or a web browser. You can store money in three currencies — Euro, British pounds, and US dollars.

Business accounts

How to add currencies to your business account

Set up an online business account and go to the main dashboard.

Genome main dashboard

From there, you can add up to 5 accounts in each currency (EUR, GBP, USD). The accounts will be available straight away.

Genome add up to 5 accounts in each currency
Genome services

Open a business account online — get quality services

Keep your own money and business funds separated — start both personal and business accounts within Genome and avoid any confusion about it. Storing your company’s money is not the only thing you consider opening an account for. Genome offers other features and services that you get when starting a company account online.

Business accounts

With Genome’s online business account, you also get

Genome money transfers

Money transfers

Genome has SEPA transfers available. Have business partners that use Genome as well? Receive and send funds to them instantly via our internal transfers. Save and schedule transfers.

Genome merchant

Business services

Do business transfers in your company name, generate account statements in PDF or CSV, and send batch transfers. Share access to business accounts and assign roles to your employees with the My Team feature.

Genome card

Genome corporate card

Make and track business transactions and marketing expenses. Pay securely on business trips with a slick black matte corporate card, or activate it virtually with instant access.

Genome security coverage

Security coverage

Genome makes sure your money and information are safe with Strong customer authentication (SCA) features for all payer-initiated transactions (2FA, OTP passwords, etc.).

Genome merchant

Merchant account opening

Once you have a company account within Genome, you can apply for a merchant account — the onboarding also happens online. Accept payments, analyze your customers, check reports, and more — using our merchant dashboard.

Genome referral program

Referral program

Recommend Genome to colleagues and other businesses. You will start getting bonuses when these companies start a EUR IBAN account with your link and begin using it. More info about the referral program.

Genome manage account together

Manage an online business account together

Allow your specialists to work together and make their contribution to the business development. With Genome, you can benefit from shared account management and assign roles with different accesses to maximize efficiency and control. Add or remove them anytime.

Business accounts

Use the My Team feature

After you open a business account online, you get to use the access management feature. The other employees need to sign up and pass the identity verification so the process is secure. Once they have completed the KYC, invite them to operate the business account together.

Genome roles

You can assign different roles

There are four roles: director, financial director, accountant, and analyst. Each role grants employees access to different features of the business wallet. The director will have full control over the wallet, while the others will be allowed to perform only certain operations.

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Business accounts

Safety and advanced analytics for your business funds

Keep an eye on your business. Your electronic payments are protected with multi-factor authentication for maximum security as a part of SCA (strong customer authentication) requirements. Confirm your logins with OTPs, generate account statements, check reports, and always be in control of your money flows.

Genome API

Use Genome API potential to your advantage

Genome offers secure business payments using API integration. Safely send mass transfers no matter the transaction amount.

More about API

Business services

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This is a type of account using which a company gets access to different financial features and online business bank tools. Genome also provides business accounts to our clients, which means they can store funds, perform and track transactions, transfer and receive money, etc. With our business account, you can also start a merchant account to accept payments for your goods or services.

Banks and payment service providers have varying requirements for companies that want to apply for the account. Commonly, a person will need to identify themselves and provide some documents that verify information about their companies to open a business bank account online. To get Genome’s business account, you will need a document that will help with your identification (like an ID card or a passport), company incorporation documents, proof of ownership, a phone, and a web browser.

It depends on how long it takes a bank or a payment service provider to review your application for an online business bank account. Some of them take a long time to do so. At Genome, you can start a business account within 72 hours.

As the names of the accounts suggest, the former is used for a person’s own funds, while the company’s money is stored within a business account. Banks and PSPs usually require that you store your personal and company’s money accordingly. Moreover, mixing the two will make many processes, like paying taxes, more complicated. You can open both personal and business accounts within Genome and manage both via the app — from your dashboard.