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Herein the following definitions will apply:

“Genome” means a business name of UAB “Maneuver LT”, a legal entity registered in Lithuania with its registration number 304785124 and having an electronic money institution licence #32 issued by the Bank of Lithuania 29.03.2018. Genome’s place of business is at Žalgirio g. 92-710, LT-09303 Vilnius, Lithuania. For the purposes of this Cookie Policy any references to “Genome”, “we”, “our” or “us” shall refer to UAB “Maneuver LT”.

Our contacts:

Data Protection Officer: dpo@genome.eu

Customer support service: support@genome.eu


“Genome Site” and “Site” shall refer to Genome website (www.genome.eu), including all its content and subdomains.

“You”, and “your” refers to any user of Genome Site, Genome Wallet or Genome Services.

Some capitalized terms used in this Cookie Policy shall have the meanings assigned to them in Genome Privacy Notice. This Cookie Policy is integrated in and shall be read in conjunction with the Privacy Notice.

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