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Currency exchange

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    Genome currency exchange

    Beneficial exchange rates for USD, EUR, GBP

    Our payment service provider has everything for instant online currency exchange: pay only a 1% flat fee over the interbank rate, and if you exchange money between Genomes accounts, there are no transfer fees at all. Use our online currency converter to check how much money you will get after the exchange.

    Currency exchange

    Currency exchange within the European Union and worldwide

    Create an account in Genome to not only convert currencies, but to open multi-currency accounts, assign preferable card currencies, and transfer currency online instantly, no hidden fees.

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    Currency exchange

    Currency converter ready at hand

    Access updated exchange rates and monitor the currency fluctuations at any point with the Genome app or via the web browser.

    Beneficial Rates

    Beneficial rates

    A favorable currency exchange rate for the European Union countries.

    Instant FX

    Instant FX

    Instant currency exchange between internal and external accounts.

    Global Currencies

    Global currencies

    Easy to use tools to exchange money, with the main currencies available.

    Online converter

    Online converter

    Access a free comprehensive currency converter with updated rates.

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