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High risk includes industries: Subscription services, Automotive Dealers, Lead generation, Marketing, Software and SaaS, Consulting, Consumer credit vendors (non-bank loans), mutual fund borrowing platforms (crowdfunding) (regulated and licensed in EU), Betting / Gambling, Traditional dating services and Other activities.

Please note that companies registered in Liechtenstein, Gibraltar, and South Africa fall under high-risk pricing plans.

Low or high business risk level will be assigned by Genome team upon completion of the due diligence procedures applicable to our clients.

List of supported and prohibited countries

Please check the lists of permitted countries for legal and natural users, prohibited countries for clients, beneficiaries, payment destinations, and other relationships, and prohibited activities on this page.

Account fees

Initial EUR IBAN account opening

500 EUR

Monthly account fee

100 EUR / month or 1000 EUR / year

Additional (EUR or multicurrency) account opening

1000 EUR for USD account

500 EUR for each additional account in other currencies except EUR

0 EUR for additional EUR account

Monthly multicurrency account fee

100 EUR

Monthly administration fee (is charged monthly in % of monthly average balance¹ based on annual rate)


Account confirmation letter


Account balance confirmation for audit purposes

20 EUR

Dormant account fee (applies monthly after 6 months of inactivity until the balance reaches 0)

200 EUR

Funds safekeeping fee (in case of impossibility to redeem / transfer funds as described in Clause 20.7 of Genome T&Cs; applies starting from 8th day of notification)

0.005 % (but not less than 1 EUR) of the daily balance stored (If your remaining balance is 10 EUR or below, we may apply a one-time fee up to the amount of your remaining balance).

Code generator (Token)

50 EUR

Transfer fees & Currency exchange

Incoming / Outgoing transfer inside Genome


SEPA Incoming transfer D+1 (SCT)


SEPA Outgoing transfer D+1 (SCT)

10 EUR + 0.2% of the transaction amount

SWIFT Incoming transfer D+1 (+3)

30 EUR (Unavailable from April 12, 2023)

SWIFT Outgoing transfer D+1 (+3)

30 EUR + 0.2% of the transaction amount (Unavailable from April 12, 2023)

Faster Payment (Incoming transfer up to 250 000 GBP)

30 EUR (Unavailable from April 12, 2023)

Faster Payment (Outgoing transfer up to 250 000 GBP)

10 EUR + 0.2% of the transaction amount (Unavailable from April 12, 2023)

Top-up by non-Genome card (same cardholder only)


*Pay-out to card

30 EUR + 0.2% of the transaction amount

Cancelation of outgoing SEPA transfer

50 EUR

Refund (investigation request)

99 EUR

Dispute or search of outgoing wire transferred funds

150 EUR

Currency exchange


Card fees

Virtual card activation fee for the first 100 cards

1 EUR/card

Virtual card activation fee starting from the 101st card

5 EUR/card

Card issuing fee

10 EUR

Card delivery fee


Card activation


Monthly fee for the card


Second card fee (with delivery)

10 EUR

Card order cancellation


Lost card or replacement (order a new one)

10 EUR

Sales transaction fee (International)


Sales transaction fee (Intra EEA)


Sales transaction fee (Lithuania)


FX on VISA Direct transactions in other currencies


FX on transactions in other currencies


ATM withdrawal fee (International)

1.5 EUR + 2%

ATM withdrawal fee (Intra EEA)


ATM withdrawal fee (Lithuania)


Balance inquiry via ATM

0.5 EUR

OCT (International)


OCT (Intra EEA)


OCT (Lithuania)


*Temporary unavailable.

**The SHA (shared fees) is applied. You pay the outgoing transfer fee, the beneficiary pays the charges of other intermediaries.

¹ Monthly average balance on Your Genome Wallet shall be calculated taking the remaining Balance of Your Genome Wallet at the end of the day (23:59, Vilnius time) and dividing the sum from the number of calendar days in a relevant month.

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Get more details about merchant pricing

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