Merchant services

Accept online payments securely with Genome

Genome merchant

Merchant services

Accept online card payments with no delays

Genome offers safe payment processing solutions for online merchants who look for the payment process to remain quick and safe, providing a high-level customer experience. Accept card payments online within the same day of approval of your merchant account.

Merchant services

How to start accepting online credit card payments with Genome

Register at Genome and pass business verification.

Genome verification

After approval, fill in the merchant registration form and indicate the projected monthly volume.

Genome merchant registration

Finish the process by uploading proof of domain and bank statements or a business plan.

Genome process

That’s it! After approval, your account in Genome is ready to accept payments!

Genome account

Merchant services

Choose the right tools to accept card payments online

Online credit card payment processing is not the only feature you should look for when choosing a payment provider. Genome benefits merchants of any size with tools and services to optimize and grow their revenue while being fully licensed EMI by the National Bank of Lithuania.

Merchant services

Genome online payment merchant system offers:

Genome merchant dashboard

Merchant dashboard

To check and control the most important metrics and data (customers, volume, transactions, etc.) — all in one payment merchant dashboard. See your business grow and develop with Genome’s merchant services online.

Genome detailed reports

Detailed reports

You can access transaction and chargeback ratios, approve ratios and geo metrics, and create custom reports with dozens of available filters and segments.

Genome access management

Access management

Share access and let your employees or partners monitor and make adjustments to your merchant account settings. Grant and edit access anytime.

Genome conversion optimization

Conversion optimization

Track and optimize the conversion funnel with Genome’s tools. Set multiple custom Retry logics, set discounts logics, and more services to increase your website conversion rate.

Genome direct payouts

Direct payouts

Transfer funds from your settlement account directly to your business IBAN in Genome without delays and hidden commissions. Use them for business needs right away.

Genome audience segmentation

Audience segmentation

Segment your customers with custom payment pages based on your settings in Genome. Divide and analyze the traffic to provide a better experience and see better results.

Global payments

Accept card payments online on your website...

Start with the most popular payment options available worldwide. Set online credit card payment processing from major issuers Visa, Mastercard, and Diners Club International in Genome.

Global payments

...As well as alternative payment methods

And then let your customers pay the way they used to with multiple alternative payment methods available in Genome merchant accounts, like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Sofort, Alipay, Skrill, WeChat Pay, Paysafecard, and many more.

Merchant services

Accept card payments online with the convenience of Genome API


Merchant services

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Businesses that sell merchandise and/or services through the Internet should know about accepting and processing credit card payments online. As there’s no face-to-face interaction between you and a customer, the process differs. For one, a merchant needs a website to show the products available. There, they will set up a checkout form to receive payments. The customer, in turn, will need to fill in the checkout form with their payment method details to complete the purchase. Firstly, a payment gateway encrypts the customer’s data, and the transaction is sent to the payment processor of a shop owner. The processor then sends it to the card company to verify that everything is correct. The card network then sends it to the client’s issuing bank. The issuer allows or denies the transaction, depending on whether there is enough money in the client’s account. If the transaction is a success, the money for the purchase will be transferred to the merchant’s account within a couple of days once the transaction is processed.

You can accept online card payments if you own a physical shop or a store through which you sell online. In the case of the former, you will need to open a bank account and get the equipment necessary to read the credit card data: a terminal and Point-of-sale software. In the case of online payments, as described before, you will need a website with a checkout form and a merchant account to accept money from your customer’s credit cards. You can also use a marketplace or an e-commerce platform if you don’t want to build your website from the ground up. You can still start a merchant account within Genome if you use one of the platforms that we have an integration with.

You can accept online payments the same way as was described before — by starting a website or using an e-commerce platform and using a payment service provider to start a merchant account and get paid for your goods and services.

Since online payments lack face-to-face interaction, it is easier for scammers to pretend they are someone else and use stolen data for fraudulent transactions. That’s why there are ways to make online payments safer. For one, all the companies and institutions that deal with credit card information need to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). It allows protecting the client’s credit card data from misuse. Merchants and payment service providers from the EU should follow the requirements of the Revisited Payment Services Directive (PSD2). One of the main demands is strong customer authentication when dealing with electronic payments. The SCA means the cardholder has to identify themselves by a minimum of 2 out of 3 criteria. These are passwords, an OTP, biometric data, etc. This reduces the likelihood of customer’s data being used for fraudulent transactions. Genome adds to the security of our clients by providing services of the Covery anti-fraud platform. With it, you can manage risks and prevent chargebacks.