Business accounts

Start a multi-currency account with Genome

Start a multi-currency account with Genome
Genome perks of a multi-currency account

Use the perks of a multi-currency account for you and your business

Sometimes, having one business account is just not enough. We at Genome understand that and don’t want companies to limit themselves. That’s why you can open multi-currency accounts on our platform! Store your company's money in separate accounts in USD, GBP, and EUR. Discover more Genome features and open multi-currency accounts.

How Genome’s multi-currency business accounts work

Business accounts

How Genome’s multi-currency business accounts work

To access our multi-currency accounts, a company needs to start a business wallet inside Genome. The process is quick and simple — you just need to fill out the information about yourself and your business, confirm the ownership structure, and attach some documents. Once your business wallet is approved, you get access to your first business account in EUR inside of the wallet. Need more accounts? Easy — just add multi-currency accounts from the dashboard in a matter of seconds. No additional documents are required. You can have up to 5 accounts in each currency: euros, British pounds, and US dollars.

Business accounts

Expand your company with a multi-currency account

Are you selling products or services on your website for international clients? Accept payments for your products or services in over 20 currencies, which will be converted to euros, dollars, and pounds with Genome’s multi-currency accounts for business. Transfer money between accounts instantly with only a 1% flat overbank currency exchange fee.

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Business accounts

Check out other benefits of a multi-currency business account:

Genome transfer

Better money transfers

Send and receive money instantly between Genome’s multi-currency accounts with our in-house transfer feature. You can also use SEPA for international transactions. Save and schedule transfers.

Genome merchant

Merchant account opening

Start a merchant account right here at Genome to accept and process payments on your website from clients internationally. You can apply for a merchant account once your business wallet is approved.

Genome card

Corporate Genome card

Order virtual and physical Visa cards online in minutes! Track and be aware of every business transaction with a Genome debit card. Use the cards for online, in-store, and contactless payments.

Genome management

Team account management

Allow your employees to securely get access to your multi-currency business accounts so that you can manage them together. Assign your employees different roles and access levels.

Genome & CMS

API & CMS integrations

Integrate Genome on your website easily with our custom API solutions. Using an e-commerce platform? Genome can be easily integrated with them, too. The options include Shopify, Drupal, OXID, Prestashop, and more.

Genome referral program

Referral program

Recommend Genome to your friends and business partners with your referral code, and receive the commission fees once they start using their IBANs. Start earning commissions once they begin using Genome’s services.

Business accounts

How to get additional multi-currency business accounts

Complete the KYC process and start your first business account, which is in euros. Now, you can get to creating additional multi-currency accounts.

Genome complete the KYC process

Log into Genome and add an account in your preferred currency. The accounts will be available to you straight away.

Log into Genome

Genome offers 3 currencies to store your money in — EUR, GBP, and USD. You can have up to 5 accounts in each currency.

Genome offers 3 currencies
Complete your experience with corporate cards

Complete your experience with corporate cards

Genome’s corporate Visa cards are a perfect match for our multi-currency business accounts! Inside Genome, you can order virtual and physical corporate debit cards. Virtual cards will be available instantly after the order, and physical cards will be delivered to your location inside the EU. The best part is that our cards are multi-currency as well, as you link them to multi-currency accounts! Corporate physical cards can be used for all types of payments. As for virtual cards, you can pay with them online and contactless, as they are Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Garmin Pay-compatible!

Genome multi-currency account

Choose a multi-currency account to send payouts

If your clients from outside the EU pay in different currencies, you can set payouts to your other multi-currency accounts in the currency of your choice — USD, GBP, or EUR with a 1% flat currency exchange fee.

Business accounts

Accept payments with multi-currency accounts and more

Use the multi-currency account to expand your business to other countries and reach more customers. Get a merchant account to receive payments from clients on your website and make batch payouts to your business partners or employees. Need a payment page? We have three options to offer: host-to-host, mobile SDK, and hosted payment pages.

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A person might require a multi-currency bank account to receive and hold payments in multiple currencies at the same time. However, not all traditional banks and payment service providers offer multi-currency bank accounts. This is how it works within Genome: you will first need to open a Euro business account and pass the KYC procedure. Once you are done, you will be able to open more accounts in GBP, EUR, and USD. The process will take seconds to complete! All these are easily manageable from the app or the web browser. You will be able to transfer money between your accounts whenever you feel like it. As for merchant services, you can accept payments in over 20 currencies, which will be converted into the currency of the settlement account you will choose among your EUR, GBP, and USD accounts.

The multi-currency account is more suitable for businesses that branch out to different countries or get paid in many different currencies. Genome's business account serves as a multi-currency one, as you can accept money on your website in different currencies. With Genome, you can open up to five business accounts in each respective currency: EUR, GBP, and USD.

Any client that opens a business account within Genome gets access to its multi-currency feature. All you have to do is join Genome, pass the KYC, and open multiple accounts that can hold different currencies from the dashboard.