Genome personal

Genome is a better way to manage your money


Genome personal

Elevate your personal digital wallet

Looking for an easy way to get salaries, make and receive transfers, or just use personal funds for easy offline and online payments? Try Genome’s personal account. No more wasting time filling in multiple documents and getting higher rates based on factors you can’t control. Genome is licenced and protected by the Central Bank of Lithuania.

Genome personal

What can you do with your Genome personal wallet account?

Genome send transfers

Send and receive transfers

Send and receive money with SEPA transfers. Transfer funds to other Genome users instantly, using internal transfers. Save templates and schedule utilities, subscription payments in advance.

Genome card

Order Genome Debit Card

Next best thing for personal payments can be delivered to your door in plastic finish or available for instant access virtually. You can add secondary currencies to your Debit VISA card and manage it from Genome web version or via the app.

Genome exchange currencies

Exchange currencies easily

Our currency exchange services are transparent — you will not find any markups or hidden surcharges. Exchange money instantly with a beneficial 1% flat fee over the interbank rate.

Genome multi currency IBANs

Open multi currency accounts

With Genome you can create and operate up to 5 accounts in each available currency — EUR, GBP and USD. Added accounts are available for use instantly, with no additional onboarding and free of charge.

Genome safe

Keep your money safe

While all funds are protected by the National Bank of Lithuania, Genome also offers 2FA upon login and operations as a part of SCA regulation. Stay in full control with real-time notifications about every operation in Genome.

Genome referral bonuses

Get referral bonuses

Recommend Genome to your friends and family using a referral link. Once they use the link to open a personal account, you will be getting monthly commission fees when they use transfer and currency exchange services.

Genome iOS app

Download Genome app

Pick the platform of your smartphone and scan the QR code to start using Genome on the go.

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Genome android app

Download Genome app

Pick the platform of your smartphone and scan the QR code to start using Genome on the go.

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web genome

Open Genome app

Want to use a web version? Click Open Account to start using Genome on your laptop or desktop.

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Your account security

Your account security is a top priority for Genome

We at Genome take the task of keeping your personal account safe very seriously. Your personal and financial data is safe with us, as Genome is SCA compliant. Our electronic money institution is also licensed and supervised by the Bank of Lithuania, so your account funds are protected according to the highest security and EU legal requirements.

Genome personal

No personal account is complete without a card

Genome personal account

Contactless payments

Use your phone to pay contactless — wherever the cards are accepted. Set up Apple Pay or Google Pay to pay on the go. Buy things online and offline effortlessly.

Genome cash withdraw

Easy cash withdraw worldwide

With our Genome Debit Card you can withdraw cash without any problems — we have ATM bank partners worldwide.

Genome use domestically

Use it domestically and when you travel

Going on a vacation or a business trip anywhere in the world? No worries, no need to tell us — use your debit card there, we will not block it.

Genome transfers

We protect your personal account with:

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    Two-factor identification

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    Digital signatures

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    Automatic fraud protection

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Genome personal

Don’t need plastic? Elevate your spending with a virtual card

Genome trouble-free currency exchange

Trouble-free currency exchange

No hidden fees — pay as much as we officially state. A flat 1% on top of the interbank foreign exchange rate for all you buy internationally.

Genome money transfers

Quick money transfers

Send money from your digital wallet to family and friends in a matter of seconds with Genome instant transfers. All the information about your financial operations will stay in the app.

Be aware of your spendings

Be aware of your spendings

Receive real — time notifications with every spending and generate transaction reports and monitor your daily, monthly and yearly financial activities.

Genome multiple accounts

Need multiple personal accounts? We got you

Beyond just electronic wallets, Genome offers dedicated multi-currency accounts. Just go to the dashboard after opening your first account and add more.You can add up to 5 accounts in each of the available currencies: EUR, GBP, and US dollars. All the additional personal accounts will be available to you once you add them, for free as well!

Open account

Genome personal

New better way of paying and getting paid as a business

We also provide companies with multi-currency business accounts for storing corporate funds, paying bills, and making transfers. And when it’s time to expand — you can open a merchant account online and get paid for your products and services in over 20 currencies, with cards and alternative payment methods!

Genome Get a free account

EU resident? Get a free account

Genome’s EUR IBAN and wallet account opening are free for all the EU residents! Experience great services from a reliable Electronic Money Institution — start benefiting from it right away!

Genome personal

How to open a personal account in Genome

Sign up to Genome using your email or phone number.

Genome sign up

Pick a personal wallet and fill in details about yourself.

Genome personal details

Finish the onboarding by verifying your identity and documents.

Genome identity verification

This is a type of an account a person uses to store and manage their funds, exchange money, make transfers, and receive salaries, etc. People can start a personal account at a traditional bank, or do this completely online with Genome.

Banks and payment service providers have different rules as to what a person needs to do for the account opening. Some make you visit branches and spend lots of time there. With Genome it is different, as the onboarding for the personal account takes place online. You will need a phone, an identification document, and internet access to complete the application. Just enter some of your personal details and verify your identity using your phone and an ID card.

With Genome it is possible, and won’t take you any effort! You can have many accounts with different currencies. Once you open your first personal account (it will be in euro), go to your dashboard. From there, you can add up to 5 more accounts in each of the respective currencies: EUR, GBP, and USD. The best part — you will not need to pass the verification process again.