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Contactless payments with Genome

Contactless payments

Make contactless payments using virtual cards

Genome offers all its clients virtual cards for online and contactless payments. The cards feature both Apple Pay and Google Pay, which are great solutions for purchases on the go. Start an account at Genome and get yourself a contactless pay virtual card right away!

contactless payments

What are contactless payments?

It is a secure, fast way of paying for purchases in stores or other places without using cash or swiping the card. The method works either with a contactless card (any debit or credit chip card that uses RFID technology) or with an NFC-enabled iPhone, Apple Watch, or Android smartphone.

NFC mobile payments with Genome

NFC mobile payments with Genome

We offer our clients the ability to pay contactless using their phones. All thanks to our virtual cards. You will need a phone that supports NFC mobile payments and runs on iOS or Android OS. And Genome’s personal or corporate virtual card. The card will be linked to the phone, which will allow you to pay contactless — just by holding your smartphone close to the NFC-enabled point-of-sale system.

Contactless payments

Why use contactless payments

Paying by card or phone that are contactless is much faster than swiping a debit card or looking through the pockets to scramble enough cash. But what’s also important is that you have minimum contact with physical money or POS during all that, and it is crucial during the pandemic. Pay contactless with Genome virtual and physical cards!

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Virtual debit cards and contactless payments

Genome virtual Visa cards for personal and business users exist in digital form inside your phone. They are the perfect instrument for contactless payments! The virtual cards can be used for any online transaction, as well as contactless transactions at stores that are equipped for such payments.

Contactless with Genome

How to pay contactless with Genome

Your phone/Apple Watch/Samsung and other smartwatches must have NFC and run on Android OS or iOS.

Your phone/Apple Watch/Samsung and other smartwatches

Log into Genome and go straight to the Cards menu. Find the Add to Google Pay/Apple Wallet button and click on it.

Log into Genome and go straight to the “Cards” menu

You are all set — you can now pay contactless!

You are all set - you can now pay contactless

Genome’s physical contactless cards

In addition to virtual cards, we also issue physical Visa debit cards. These are contactless too and can be used by individuals and businesses. Paying by card is very common worldwide, and you can do so in Europe and any part of the world where Visa is accepted.

The benefits of Genome virtual cards

Cards available within minutes

Cards available within minutes

Once you have a personal or business wallet, you can order a virtual card right away — just confirm your data and start using your card minutes later!

Multi-currency option

Multi-currency option

You can order multiple virtual cards within one wallet and link them with your accounts in the following currencies: EUR, USD, and GBP.

Contactless payments

Contactless payments

Our virtual cards can be linked with Google Pay and Apple Pay. Make transactions in Europe and at any place that supports contactless payments.

Fully-digital experience

Fully-digital experience

No need for plastic cards! Paying by card for online purchases has never been simpler, and contactless payments are available as well!

Secure access

Secure access

All the card data is stored within Genome. To access it, you need to pass the two-factor authentication. Genome is PCI DSS, PSD2, and GDPR compliant.

Track all the transactions

Track all the transactions

Manage all the accounts and cards via one sophisticated dashboard at any time of day. Analyze your every transaction using extensive reports.

Order virtual card

How to order a virtual card at Genome

Open an account at Genome. Go to the dashboard, and choose the Card menu.

Open an account at Genome.

When there, order the virtual card for online and contactless payments.

virtual card for online and contactless payments

Verify the cardholder details and get your virtual card.

 cardholder details

Get even more with contactless cards

Pay contactless with our physical Visa cards developed for personal and business wallet users. Order multiple cards in different currencies and continue making contactless payments where Google Pay and Apple Pay don’t work. Paying by card worldwide is secure, as you can request that no data will be printed on your contactless card.

Order physical card

How to get a Genome physical debit card

Apply and pass the verification for personal or business wallets.

verification for personal or business wallets

Log into Genome, and from there, go to the Card menu. Choose the physical card option.

Cardholder details

Verify the cardholder details, and we will deliver the card to any EU country!

Cardholder details

From personal accounts to merchant services

Contactless payments aren’t the only perk of using Genome. We provide personal, business, and merchant accounts, along with all the financial services necessary. From making SEPA transfers and internal instant payments, paying by cards to secure transactions and merchant services — our team cultivates the most efficient and comfortable environment for all our clients!

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There are two ways to do so. The first one is via contactless cards — these are NFC debit and credit cards; usually, they have a horizontal wave sign that looks like a Wi-Fi sign. The second is through the phones and smartwatches that support NFC mobile payments.

Unfortunately, not all stores have the necessary tools for accepting contactless payments, so please consider this.

If you want to use your debit card through your smartphone, you need to link it to a contactless payments app. The process is quick — you will need to enter your card details to link the card. Make sure your phone has NFC. Genome’s virtual cards are debit cards, too — we have described the contactless payments process in full detail above.

Yes, and you can use Genome’s virtual cards for that purpose. Just select the card you want to use, link it to Apple Pay or Google Pay, and pay contactless at stores that provide such options.

In general, the number is unlimited, but make sure your bank doesn’t have limitations on the number of transactions you can make per day.

If you use a contactless card, you don’t have to do anything. If you want to pay contactless using your phone, you will need to make sure your device has NFC. Then download the system that supports such payments and link your debit/credit card to it.

You will likely be told this when you order the card from the bank or fintech company. There will be a wave-like sign on your card, meaning it allows contactless payments.

Yes, we offer physical debit contactless cards.

It is a technology that, thanks to near-field communication, allows making payments with contactless debit/credit cards, Android and Apple phones, smartwatches, and other devices without actually touching the POS machines.

Yes, some of them do. If you want a card like that, specify it with your financial provider. Genome’s physical debit cards are contactless, and our virtual cards can be linked to your Samsung phone, iPhone, smartwatch, or another device that has NFC.

It is a card that supports NFC technology and can be used to pay contactless.