Genome Wallet

Origin of finance

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The highest functionality for business and personal use

Genome – is an innovative, safe and convenient financial platform that allows users and corporations to make payments free of charge inside the system, as well as cheap and fast cross-border transactions.

A dedicated IBAN account for EUR transfers, personal credit cards for your daily spending, and currency exchange services at the most competitive rates are just a few of the top notch services that Genome can offer to its customers.

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Merchants and enterprise

The account opening procedure is optimized and takes less than 15 minutes.

Merchants can conveniently apply to accept credit card payments for their online businesses, to have their own dedicated IBAN account for EUR transfers, do transfers and currency exchange in the most popular currencies and have their own credit card for daily expenses.

Extra security

This is the most important task for us – keeping your money safe and secure. We use decentralized storage of personal data to avoid breaches and data losses. We have also implemented digital signatures to safeguard your account.

Our solution is created with full compliance and requirements of PSD2 and GDPR.

Personal finance

The system gives users extensive opportunities for personal finance management: payment planning, balance control, customizable reports on expenses and revenue. You always control your money through a convenient mobile app for iOS or Android.

Any client can order a payment card or link an existing IBAN or card to their Genome account.

Low rate of data usage

We meet requirements of all terms of personal data use.  Out target is to request the minimum volume of data according to the user’s permission.

Global coverage

Any merchant gets access to the full functional and management of their account in the Genome System

No pricing or fees

There are no fee for transfering within the system.  No setup fee, no management fee, and probably the lowest processing rate. Best rate for your desired settlement currency.