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Merchant services

Fast payment provider with integration for your CMS

Genome has swift integrations with seven platforms for ecommerce. You can easily open a merchant account within Genome and start accepting payments and running your business on the platform of your choice

Merchant services

You can easily integrate Genome with the following platforms:

Get a secure merchant account for an ecommerce platform of your choice. Complete online onboarding and the payment processing can start in just 72 hours after you apply for the account.

Merchant services

How to set a ecommerce payment solution in Genome

Open a merchant account within Genome. The onboarding and all the features are accessible online

Genome open merchant account

Merchant services

Try out Genome’s ecommerce merchant solutions to experience:

Genome quick onboarding

Quick onboarding

Sign up and onboarding provided completely online, without bank branch visits and lengthy waiting lines
Genome secure payment processing

Secure payment processing

Prevent chargebacks and avoid fraudulent transactions with built-in anti-fraud tools
Genome seamless services

Seamless services

All the Genome features and functions are available to you through the web version. Use Genome App for quick access

Merchant services

Check the CMS options Genome supports

Don’t want to build a website from scratch? Pick a CMS and install Genome plugin so you can accept payments while using Drupal, Shopify, OXID eShop, Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop, and WooCommerce. Our payment solution for ecommerce minimizes tech implementation and still provides your customers with a smooth and secure shopping experience

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