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Secure payment processing for your business

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Genome payment processing

Reliable online payment processing in Genome

Genome offers card and alternative method payments processing with merchant account opening. No bank visits or bureaucracy — apply directly online and complete onboarding in a few steps. Start accepting and processing payments on your website in more than 20 currencies on the day of approval
Reliable online payment processing in Genome

Merchant services

Why merchants choose Genome payment processing services?

We have the technology

Genome provides merchants with different types of API integrations (HPP and H2H), processing currencies, like-to-like payouts to IBAN’s, mobile SDK, “retry” logics and many more services to grow revenue

We are transparent

We represent merchants in Chargeback and Dispute processes and always notify our clients about any account updates, so no unexpected blocks and restrictions occur. We view clients as partners rather than numbers

We have analytics

Genome merchant dashboard allows to control customer flows, geo metrics, create payment pages, understand and improve conversions as well as segment clients for business optimization

We are regulated

Genome is a PSD2 and PCI DSS compliant payment service provider . This means we are keeping your clients’ data safe, as well as reducing the probability of fraudulent transactions

Merchant services

How to start merchant account within Genome

After business account approval, fill in the merchant registration form and indicate projected monthly volume

Genome merchant registration

Process alternative payment methods with a single API integration

The more ways to pay you provide, the smoother experience your clients get and the higher conversion rate you see on the dashboard. Offer clients to pay with ApplePay, GooglePay, Trustly and many more payment methods with Genome.
Genome API integration

Merchant services

Process alternative payment methods


Merchant services

Online payment processing services

Choose your preferred integration type for merchant account and start accepting cards and local payment methods in no time. Benefit retry logic to improve conversions, Covery anti-fraud system to lower chargebacks, quick settlements and payouts cutting off the middle man as well as plugins for e-commerce platforms

Merchant services

You can also integrate Genome and accept payments with these platforms