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Seamless host-to-host payments with Genome

Genome payment security
Host-to-host payment solution

Need a host-to-host payment solution?

Genome is a PCI DSS compliant solution with an easy to complete onboarding, fast approval, so businesses can set host-to-host payments quickly and grow profits. H2H integration is easy and can be customized easily for any business.

Merchant services

Improve your conversion rate

Genome’s host-to-host solution for PCI DSS compliant merchants is a perfect tool for conversion optimization. Create secure custom payment pages so your clients can pay without redirection to external pages, directly on your website. Show custom pages, segment audiences and track progress for better results — all from one dashboard in Genome.

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Merchant services

Use H2H payments and other Genome services

Genome’s API integration options are quick and simple to implement. Our workflow is based on the type of Transaction made and supports 9 types of transaction requests, so you can find the fittest solution. You can check it yourself with useful information and tutorials within our documentation.

Host-to-host payment handled safely

Host-to-host payments handled safely

Genome takes the security of our clients’ transactions seriously. We are fully PCI DSS compliant and use anti-fraud tools of the AI-powered platform Covery to manage risks and protect your business from scammers and fraud.

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Merchant services

Get to H2H payments right away

All the advantages of business services and payment processing will be available to you online! Start a business and a merchant account within Genome and get to growing your business right away.

Merchant services

How to apply for the Genome accounts

Go to my.genome.eu, enter your email address or your phone number.

Genome verification

Pass the identity verification process.

Genome merchant registration

Enter the information about your company and its ownership structure.

Genome process

Fill out the merchant registration form and upload the scanned documents.

Genome account

Money transfers

What you can do with Genome business and merchant accounts

Easy to track

Accept payments quickly

Start accepting payments for your products and services within days in over 20 currencies after the approved application for Genome’s merchant account.


Open multiple accounts

Open an account for your business in EUR and then add more accounts with no additional verification required. You can have up to 5 accounts per currency — EUR, USD, and GBP.


Send, receive, save and schedule transfers

Internal transfers between Genome users are instant. Enjoy cross-border transfers with SEPA. Save templates and schedule transfers in a few clicks.

Access analytics from one dashboard

Access analytics from one dashboard

Manage all your accounts in one financial ecosystem, and get a full overview of your business with multiple real-time reports on transactions and chargebacks.

Offer clients payment alternatives

Offer clients payment alternatives

Let the customers pay on your website the way they prefer: with Mastercard and Visa credit cards, or using their favourite local payment methods.

Share access and assign account roles

Share access and assign account roles

Use the access management feature in Genome to safely share the access to your account, so you can handle your finances as a team. Add and remove roles in a few clicks.

Merchant services

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Merchant services

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