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Payment security for your online business in Genome

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Genome payment security

Merchant services

Secure payment provider for online merchants

Operate your business, accept payments and protect your clients’ data in Genome. Transparent pricing and like to like payouts to a dedicated IBAN, fraud prevention, 360-view analytics and more services all available for merchants after online onboarding
Genome international security standards

We follow international security standards

Genome is licensed and supervised by the Bank of Lithuania. We are compliant with global nstandards for operating with credit card data. This ensures secure transactions on local and ninternational levels, protection of clients’ information and credit history, and competence ncertification of a given financial institution

Merchant services

Genome is compliant with


Stands for international control and security of transactions


The EU regulation law for data and privacy protection standard


Regulates payment services together with PSPs within the EU

Pass safe verification and business KYC

Your secure payment processing at Genome starts with business account access. For the onboarding verification, we partnered with an identity verification service powered by AI technology that covers over 4,600 document types from 195 countries. Thus, we can confirm your identity online, safely

Safe verification and business KYC

Your outgoing business payments are secured

We want to ensure that you are the one who makes a business transaction. To protect your funds, all the outgoing payments require two-step verification. You can authenticate via email, or text message. Genome Code Generator adds another layer of security to every outgoing business transfer
Genome business payments
Genome fraud protected

Your merchant account is fraud protected

Genome provides secure payment processing with Covery — a fraud prevention system that relies on the multi-factor confirmation of identity during transactions and payments. Covery has a collaborative reputation network called Trustchain that contains over 300 million reputation records for you to analyze and narrow down fraudsters among clients. With Trustchain merchants recognize up to 40% more bot attacks

Prevent client data breaches and fraud

Real-time transaction monitoring allows to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions immediately. Restriction rules can be set, so a merchant won’t be getting payments from the list of prohibited card brands, countries, even specific BINs

Get all the tools necessary for fraud prevention

As Genome merchant you also benefit from payouts and refund checkups, velocity rules, with which you can set static and dynamic limits for cards, clients, devices, etc. for secure online payment services

Track all the business transfers in real-time

Businesses in Genome benefit from transfer protection, as well as SEPA, SWIFT, and other payments’ checkups. All the information on incoming and outgoing transfers is always available on Genome’s dashboard. Receive real-time notifications for all your transfers and be updated on your account status

Track transfers in real-time

Merchant services

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Merchant services

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