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Genome referral Program for Personal and Business wallets allows you to receive a percentage of processing fees from every prospect onboard to Genome and open a Personal or Business Wallet, using your referral link

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Receive 10%

After they will successfully sign up using your link, onboard to Genome, and start performing business transactions you will receive 10% from all the processing fees. The reward will be transferred to your account monthly

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Share it with your friends, business partners and anyone who is interested in fast and secure business processing and accepting credit card payments on their websites using Genome

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Processing fees of your referred contacts

You'll continue to receive the percentage from the processing fees of your referred contacts as long as the account you referred maintains business transactions using Genome

Referral program

Where can you find the link?

You can find your referral link in Genome web version in the 'Referral' section

Genome referral link

Referral Program

How to use Genome Referral Program?

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Receive a link. Accept Terms and generate your referral code

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Referral Program

Check out the rules and limits


The referral reward will be activated after your prospect will successfully pass a KYC procedure in Genome. You’ll start receiving rewards after the first processed transactions your prospect will be made


The referral reward is automatically transferred to your EUR account at the beginning of every month. The referral reward can’t be withdrawn on demand


The referral reward is transferred to your EUR account, you can’t change the destination account for the reward. You can transfer the reward from the EUR account after


Accounts that send spam will be banned. It is absolutely forbidden to spam in order to find new users (this includes personal messages in social networks, as well as in groups and communities, email newsletters etc). You can send the link to friends or just leave it as a signature


It is forbidden to advertise Genome Services in a fraudulent manner, i.e. by generating artificial traffic to the Genome website; by linking Genome Services to any content that is sexually explicit, violent, illegal, deceptive, misleading, harmful, obscene, defamatory, unethical or infringing of any third party right


If you share a link, make sure not to mislead people. Let them know immediately that it is your referral link. Honesty and transparency promote trust. Clients who trust you onboard faster and start processing faster and thus collect you more referral rewards


Genome referral program is available for new users only. The reward will not be activated if the user already has a wallet in Genome


You can have as many active clients as you want: we don't limit your referral network. You can have over 100,000 prospects and Genome still can handle it