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Open a dedicated SEPA IBAN account for your business

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Genome dedicated SEPA IBAN account

Business accounts

Get a Euro IBAN account for your company

Applying for an IBAN account in a traditional bank as a company might be time-consuming and unfavorable, but with Genome you can do that quickly online and as secure, since we are a fully regulated and licensed Electronic Money Institution. All the features you need to run your business, none of the bureaucracy

Business accounts

Experience the advantages of an IBAN business account

Genome business transfers

Send business transfers

Make seamless SEPA transfers using your dedicated IBAN. Send money instantly between Genome accounts, transfer funds internationally with SWIFT. Save and schedule transfers
Genome multiple accounts

Get multiple accounts

Your business expands and your IBAN accounts too. Open up to 5 IBANs in Genome in each currency — USD, GBP, and EUR, transfer money between with a flat 1% currency exchange fee
Genome VISA debit cards

Genome VISA Debit Cards

Never lose a business transaction again and pay securely with a slick black matte corporate card, or have it activated virtually with instant access, to skip the delivery
Genome merchant

Become a merchant

Grow your business in Genome! Apply online and start accepting payments, analyze your customers, optimize conversion and create custom payment pages in one place
Genome team

Manage the account with your team

Use Genome’s My Team feature to let members of your company access your business account securely and operate it, to share the workload. Edit access list anytime
Genome business secured

Keep business secured

Genome is regulated and protected by the National Bank of Lithuania, fully regulated and SCA compliant, so your business transactions are secured with 2FA and login OTPs

Business accounts

How to start a dedicated SEPA business IBAN account?

Sign up to Genome using email or phone number

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Genome iOS app

Access your dedicated IBAN account anywhere

Operate your business IBAN account online, manage your finances via the web version or stay in control on the go with Genome App
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Business accounts

Genome elevates businesses no matter how small

Genome offers a low fee euro IBAN account opening for selected businesses! You can check more details about the account opening on our pricing section for businesses

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