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Make Google Pay contactless payments with Genome


NFC mobile payments for Genome clients

Want to use your phone instead of paying by card? No problem! All you need is Genome and an NFC-enabled phone or a smartwatch. Thanks to contactless technology, you can forget about handling cash or swiping cards at stores!

Activate Apple and Google payments

Elevate your experience with Google Pay

Google Pay is what you need to pay contactless if you have a phone or a smartwatch that runs on the Android operating system. Using it is quicker and much swifter than paying by card — you will just need to place your device next to the NFC reader at a shop, cafe, or other places.

How Google Pay contactless payments works

How Google Pay contactless payments works

Make sure your Android smartphone or watch supports NFC technology. You also need to select a credit or a debit card that will be used when you purchase via Google Pay. Link the card, and you are good to go and try paying with your phone on the go, where there is contactless equipment.

Virtual cards - pay contactless worldwide

Having all things finance inside your phone is highly convenient. Our team understands that, thus we develop sophisticated digital solutions. One of such solutions is our virtual debit cards that exist entirely online! Using them, our clients can make purchases on the internet, as well as perform Google Pay contactless payments! Linking your virtual card to Google Pay is easy and takes minutes!

Virtual card

How to enable Google Pay on virtual cards

Download the Genome app.

Download the Genome app

Log into Genome, go straight to the cards menu.

Log into Genome

Choose a virtual debit card you want to use and press the Add to Google Pay button.

Choose a virtual debit car

Activate virtual cards in minutes

Within Genome, you can start personal and business wallets and open multiple accounts inside them. Once you have the account, you can get personal or corporate virtual Visa cards in minutes — you will only need to confirm the data you provided prior. The cards can be used right away for online and contactless payments. The best part — these are multi-currency cards available in EUR, GBP, and USD.

Get your physical card delivered to you

Paying by card with Genome is as easy as using contactless payments. All because we provide physical Visa cards for personal and corporate users as well. Order the contactless debit cards right inside the app, and our team will deliver them to you anywhere in the EU. Use physical cards to pay on the go in Europe and around the world!

Get your physical card

Order virtual card

How to order virtual and physical Genome cards

Open a personal or business wallet inside Genome — both are eligible for all card types.

Order virtual card. Step 1

Go to the Card menu once you have logged into your wallet.

Go to the card. Step 2

When there, order a card by choosing either a virtual or physical card.

Order a card by choosing. Step 3

Finish the process by confirming the data. Start paying by card or using virtual cards with all your transactions tracked!

Finish the process by confirming. Step 4

It is an application that allows making contactless payments with the help of Android-based phones and smartwatches. Using said devices, you can make purchases at stores. You need to put the device next to the Google Pay contactless payments reader to complete the transaction.

The process is simple: you will need an NFC-enabled smartphone that runs on Android OS, such as Samsung, Meizu, Xiaomi, etc. Open the app and add a debit/credit card, using which you will be paying for things using your phone.

The app and its services are free. As for Genome, you can find our pricing for virtual and physical cards on our website. The price differs for individuals and business users.

Hundreds of banks and payment providers work with it. Google Pay supports all the major card brands — from Visa and Mastercard to American Express. Genome’s Visa cards are Apple Pay-compatible.

Yes, as all the card details within the app stay private, unlike on a physical carrier such as a debit card. Your data is safe with Google Pay’s security tools. And the card details are not shared with third parties during transactions.

Contactless payments are a relatively new technology compared to credit and debit cards. Thus, not all shops and restaurants have the equipment required to accept such payment methods. Consider that when going to a place for the first time.

It is safer than cards by the way it manifests physically: for thieves and scammers, it is much easier to steal your physical card or copy data from it. Meanwhile, when you pay using your phone, your data is hidden. And generally, it is easier to notice the loss of a phone than a payment card.

It is unlikely, as your information inside it is encrypted. Still, it is better to use a screen lock for an additional layer of protection. Also, you will be able to instantly check all the outgoing transactions via the Genome app.

If you get scammed after you made a transaction using Google Pay, the refund must be issued by the company you made purchases from. If you can’t reach the business, you need to contact the bank that issued the card you paid with and file a chargeback. Always ensure the business is legit before buying from it.

By using the NFC mobile payments feature. Make sure you have it, open Google Pay or a similar app for contactless payments, add the bank card, and that’s it! You can also pay with your smartwatch!

Make sure you have a device with Android OS and NFC. Usually, these are smartphones from Samsung, Xiaomi, and Meizu brands. Open Google Pay, enter your phone number, and follow further instructions. Once you log in, add a credit/debit card and/or a bank account.

These are the same. Some websites and shops just use a shorter version of Google Pay, which is GPay. The full version is more common.

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