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Personal Accounts

Get a dedicated personal IBAN account at Genome!

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Genome dedicated personal IBAN account

Personal Accounts

A free euro IBAN account for your personal needs

Use your personal euro IBAN account at any time: to make transfers, receive funds, or perform other finance operations. Genome allows you to open the IBAN account completely online in 15 minutes! All you need is sign up and pass an identity verification. Activate the account and set additional accounts with no charge as well

Personal Accounts

Full benefits with Genome’s dedicated IBAN

Genome multiple accounts

Multiple accounts opening

After you start a personal wallet at Genome, you can open even more accounts from the dashboard, which takes minutes. Get up to 5 accounts in each currency: EUR, GBP, USD
Genome money transfers

Money transfers

Enjoy accessible euro SEPA transfers, send funds internationally using SWIFT. You can also transfer money instantly and for free to other Genome users
Genome convenient financial services

Convenient financial services

Store your money in different accounts using more preferable currencies. Receive salary, send money to your family and friends, exchange funds, and more!
Genome card

Order a card for a complete experience

Personal wallet users can order both virtual and physical Visa debit cards from Genome. Make purchases online and around the world with ease, track all the transactions through the app
Genome account protected

Keep your accounts protected

Your money and financial information are fully safe with Genome! Our EMI is licensed and supervised by the Bank of Lithuania, protecting every transaction you make
Genome referral program

Benefit from a referral program

Invite your friends and family to join Genome. Start getting bonuses off their commission fees once they begin using services like money transfers and currency exchange
Genome IBAN

Use your IBAN anywhere, anytime

Forget the times you had to spend at the bank branch, waiting for service. Genome is available 24/7 - via the web version or the app. Access your money accounts when you need them, on your terms

Personal Accounts

How to open a personal IBAN account at Genome

Sign up using an e-mail or a phone number, choose a personal wallet

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