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Open personal multi-currency accounts in Genome

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Genome personal multi-currency

Elevate money management with multi-currency accounts

Genome multi-currency accounts are a great way to separate your funds and keep them in three different currencies (EUR, USD, GBP) for convenience and beneficial exchange rates! Best solution for international transfers, travel and purchases. Best part? It's free of charge.
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Personal Accounts

Set your additional multi-currency accounts in a few clicks

Forget traditional bank bureaucracy where you need to fill out countless documents. Open Genome personal account online with quick ID verification and once finished, add multiple accounts directly from your dashboard. They are activated instantly

Personal Accounts

Use Genome for multi-currency accounts and more

Genome cards

Get virtual and physical cards

Genome offers personal wallet users virtual and physical Visa debit cards for convenient purchases online and offline, globally. All the transaction data is always available in the app
Genome transfers

Transfer money safely

You can send and receive funds easily within the eurozone and countries that support SEPA. International SWIFT transfers are available, as well as free instant transfers between Genome users
Genome referral program

Become a part of a referral program

Get money from recommending Genome to your friends and family. Once they use your link to open a personal account and start using its services, you will be getting 10% of their commission fees

Personal Accounts

How to apply for Genome multi-currency accounts

Sign up to Genome, choose a personal wallet option

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