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Additional services

Start a personal account to receive funds

Need an account to receive transfers from your employer? Open a personal account at Genome with a dedicated euro IBAN. Get notified every time you receive salaries and track your funds via the app. Apply for the account online, no bank visits are required

Start a personal account to receive funds
Physical card

Link your account to the physical/virtual card

You can order a physical Visa debit card at Genome to make payments and withdraw money around the world. Or you can get a virtual card and go fully digital: buy things online and use Apple Pay and Google pay at stores

Additional services

How to get a Genome personal account to receive salaries

Sign up to Genome using your email or phone number

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Genome multi-currency accounts

Open multiple multi-currency accounts for free

Genome allows you to start multi-currency accounts instantly. Once you have a personal account, go to Genome’s dashboard. From there, you can start multiple accounts in each currency: EUR, GBP, or USD. The process takes seconds, and you don’t need to go through any additional onboarding or similar procedures

Use multi-currency accounts for beneficial currency exchange

Receive salaries and store money in the currency you prefer within the EUR, GBP, and USD accounts, exchange funds between them. Genome’s exchange rates are transparent with a 1% flat fee over the interbank rate

Use multi-currency accounts

Send money locally and internationally

Receiving money is not the only option your accounts provide! You can send money to other people using SEPA and SWIFT transfers. Send funds instantly to other Genome users with our internal transfers
Send money locally and internationally

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