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Better personal, business, and merchant account services at the fingertip length

Introducing Genome

We’ve gathered a team of industry professionals to make banking better for people. Personal, business, and merchant account opening, internal and international money transfers, payment processing, card issuing, and more services – all available in Genome
Introducing Genome

About Genome

The beginning

Genome, an Electronic Money Institution founded in 2018 and legally registered as UAB “Maneuver LT”. We are based in Vilnius, Lithuania, and are supervised by the Central Bank of Lithuania. In three years we went from a simple Genome e-wallet concept to a multi-leveled financial system that serves both business and personal needs.
Why we created Genome?

Why we created Genome?

People often associate banking with bureaucracy, slow processes, and complicated money operations. So as someone who has been working in the finance industry for years, we wanted to change that. Our main goal was to make banking accessible, as well as easy and safe to use. That’s why we decided to create a product of a new generation, combining technological advances and humane approach

Global access on the go

With Genome, you can perform any operations from onboarding and account management to money transfers and payment processing using just a phone app or a computer. No need to visit banking branches and wait in queues, you can do all this from the office, your home, and on the go. Hence our onboarding process is simple yet secure, making it perfect for people who are new to banking and need a personal account, as well as companies that seek seamless services from business and merchant accounts
Global access on the go

About Genome

Trusted destination for financial expertise

Our team’s other mission is to debunk the misconceptions about Fintech companies, which are still considered unreliable and limited by some. Genome takes these myths apart by being tech- savvy, secure, convenient, and swift. For more information check our blog out and subscribe to keep yourself updated on the latest trends, product updates, and Genome payments
Fully regulated and safe

Fully regulated and safe

We are supervised by the Bank of Lithuania and use many security tools to keep your money safe and protect your account from unauthorized usage or transactions. That means that all personal and business accounts, funds, transfers, and payments are secured by our extensive security measures. Genome constantly improves its services and expands markets each year

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The road so far


2018 - The Electronic Money Institution Genome was founded and registered as UAB “Maneuver LT”. Genome is licensed and supervised by the Bank of Lithuania

The road so far


Genome opened its beta to the public during The White Nights Conference in Berlin. There, we presented the following services: an IBAN opening, SEPA transfers, and other transfer services;

We later launched the Genome App for Android and iOS;

Later that year, we provided our clients with international SWIFT transfers and currency exchange services;

Then Genome launched merchant services and provided clients with many alternative payment methods.

The road so far


Genome was titled the best online business payments platform 2020 within Europe by the Acquisition International magazine;

Genome canceled service fees for low risk-companies as part of the COVID-19 support initiative;

Genome was named “Best Online Business Payments Platform 2020” within Europe by Acquisition magazine;

Our team started offering clients batch transfers;

We introduced referral programs for personal and business clients;

Genome got into the EGR B2B Awards shortlist and was nominated for the Innovation in payments solution title;

Genome's team created plugins for the most popular CMS: Shopify, PrestaShop, OpenCart, and OXID;

In 2020 Genome got integration with DECTA;

Our team canceled the services fees, as well as lowered the cost of incoming and outgoing SEPA transfers for the Lithuanian companies;

Genome has become a Visa principal member;

Our team introduced the access management feature for the account owners to share access to it with their teammates;

Genome showed the most significant growth (2650%) of income related to the provision of payment services per year among Lithuanian Fintechs;

Our team opened a pre-order for virtual and physical debit Visa cards for personal and business clients;

We added 8 language options to Genome’s dashboard - that’s 9 in total, including the original English version;

The road so far


Genome got integration with Worldline;