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Activate cards

How to activate your physical Genome card

To find out your card’s PIN, open the Genome app or my.genome.eu and look it up in the “show PIN” section on the Card tab

Genome card info

To activate your Genome card, please complete a chip and PIN transaction. For instance, check the card balance in the ATM or pay at the store (make sure to use the chip)

Genome card

That’s it! Your corporate card is ready for use!

Genome card ready

Activate cards

Meet Genome security token

As you might have noticed, Genome sent you a security token with your corporate card. This device is used to give all your funds an extra layer of security. Having a token is a great way to ensure that no outgoing payment will happen without your approval. You can safely store it in a vault, and let other authorized colleges use it when you are on a business trip vacation

Activate cards

How to activate your token

Set up token PIN. Turn the token on, enter a new password that will protect access to the token, and then confirm the password

Set up token PIN

Bind token. Enter the token's serial number manually or using a camera feature in the Genome App, turn the token on, and click "Ok" to get the OTP code. Enter the code in the app

Bind token

Use token. The token is activated! Use it to confirm your outgoing operations in Genome

Use token
Genome token

How to use the token

After activation, each of your outgoing operations will require to enter an additional code, provided by your token here. To get the code, you will need to enter the valid PIN into your token first. Then enter a one-time 6 digits code, which will be shown in the Genome app. When you are done, press the "OK" button. You will receive another 6 digits code which you will use to complete the payment through the Genome system

"Genome®" means a business name of UAB "Maneuver LT", a legal entity registered in Lithuania with its registration number 304785124. The address of Genome’s head office is at Žalgirio g. 92‑710, LT-09303, Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania. E-mail: info@genome.eu. Genome has an electronic money institution license # 32 issued by the Bank of Lithuania on March 29, 2018. Genome as electronic money institution is supervised by the Bank of Lithuania. Genome is the Issuer of the Card

Activate cards

Put your Genome card to work

Genome contactless

Pay around the world

Use Genome contactless corporate card and pay on your terms, no matter in the EU or abroad

Genome business growing

Be aware of all the money flows

Keep the business growing - track all the company's expenses and transactions seamlessly

Genome protect business

Protect your business

Your card and business payment info is secured with a built-in anti-fraud system for safe banking