Legal Information & Notices

Fraud prevention advice to cardholders

Make sure your address for Genome Card delivery is correct. You shall notify us immediately if it has changed;

Ordering Genome Card delivery make sure your mailbox is safe and your mails are held when you are traveling. Pick up your mailbox regularly;

Contact us immediately if your Genome Card does not arrive during 30 days;

Activate your physical Genome Card for card-present transactions completing a chip and PIN transaction. For instance, check the card balance in the ATM or pay at the store (make sure to use the chip);

Keep your Genome Card, its PIN, CVV2 code and other card details safe and secret;

Never write down, store, disclose or reveal PIN and other details of your Genome Card to anyone;

Add phone number for Genome Card blocking to your contact list: +37052141409;

Make sure your Genome Card is kept securely when you are in crowded places;

Do not leave your Genome Card in a visible or easily accessible place;

Do not hand over your Genome Card to anyone;

Shield or otherwise protect entering of PIN to your Genome Card at ATMs and POS terminals;

Make sure there are no additional keypad on top of ATM’s keypad, no card skimmer installed in card slot of the ATM and no additional camera directed at ATM that can skim or capture your PIN and other Genome Card details;

Do not make payment or withdrawal if you see something suspicious at or around the ATM or POS terminal. Find alternative ATM or pay by cash in such a case;

Choose different ATM if somebody is watching you when you are making a withdrawal from your Genome Card;

Do not forget to take your Genome Card and cash from the ATM;

Block your Genome Card immediately if ATM does not return it to you. You can block the Card via Genome User Portal or Genome Mobile App. Notify us of the situation with your Card. If you are not able to block the Card for any reason, contact us immediately on +37052141409 or using any other contact tools which we make available to you;

Make sure your Genome Card is always in your hands or at least within your eyesight when you are making a payment transaction;

Check a total transaction amount before confirming it with your PIN or CVV2 code;

Check transaction receipt before signing it;

Do not sign a transaction receipt with blank spaces on it;

Hide your Genome Card immediately after you made a transaction;

Do not provide your Genome Card details over the phone, in text messages, social media messages or by e-mail to anyone. Consider all requests to do so as suspicious. Do not respond to such requests. Genome never contacts cardholders over the phone, in messages or by e-mail requestingGenome Card details. We may only ask you about last four (4) digits of your card to recognize the card in our system. If you have doubts regarding the request legitimacy, contact us immediately;

Be careful opening e-mails. Do not open e-mail attachments and links from unknown sources or sources that you do not recognize. Do not enter your Genome Card details on webpages thereto you are redirected following such links, even if they look like Genome website;

Use your Genome Card for purchases only on trusted, reputable and secured websites, online stores and mobile applications;

Do not use a public Wi-Fi network, as well as a public computer or other device while you are shopping online with Genome Card. It is recommended to use your personal device for these purposes;

Shopping online with Genome Card make sure your laptop or other device screen is not seen by anyone;

Ensure up to date security software on your laptop or other device that you are using for online shopping with Genome Card. Install your security software from trusted sources;

Always check whether the website where you are shopping is secure, i.e. check that the website address begins with https:// and there is a locked lock or unbroken key in your browser bar. It is recommended to make payments on websites that use full authentication (Verified by Visa / MasterCard Secure Code);

Check carefully terms and conditions, privacy and refund policies, as well as address and other contact details of merchant before making a transaction. Pay especial attention to the currency of the transaction, currency conversion rules, applicable taxes and delivery costs. Do not proceed with payment if you do not agree or are not comfortable with those documents;

Where you signed up for recurring charges, check the way you can cancel the service and stop the charges;

Pay attention to “free trial” terms of service that requires your card details;

Review all pre-checked boxes when you are making a transaction;

Do not send money to a natural or legal person that you do not know or have doubts about the recipient’s good faith;

Save or print and keep transaction confirmation shown to you by merchant after the transaction is completed, as well as any other documents related to your online purchase;

Check history of your Genome Card transactions regularly;

Make sure all transactions have been made by you and the transaction amount corresponds to the receipt amount received by you;

Report to us immediately about payments or withdrawals appeared in the history of your Genome Card transactions that you do not recognize, as well as about any unauthorized, unusual or suspicious activity with your Genome Card;

Contact us immediately once after you find out that your Genome Card is lost, stolen, misappropriated, used without authorization or otherwise compromised.