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Two easy steps to open a Merchant Account in Genome:

That’s it!

Apply for a merchant account directly in Genome and start accepting payments from your clients in 72 hours. Use the benefits of secure KYB and verification processes. Easy integration on your website and one of the fastest onboarding on the market.

Accept Payments with Genome

Use an easy-to-install plugin to accept payments on your website with Genome’s merchant account

Accept first payments from your clients in 72 hours!

Run multiple businesses or need more than one account for credit card processing? Want to get acquiring solutions that are cut specifically to your specifics? Genome has your back. Apply for multiple merchant accounts for every business you have. We can provide as many as you need.

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Do your business safely

Genome is committed to protecting your business and clients, keeping your reputation online pristine and fraud-free.

That’s why we provide our users with web-site audits and use Covery – AI-powered fraud-prevention platform that reduces operational load up to 95% with automated reports and decisions on suspicious transactions from users.

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Grow your business in Genome

  • All-in-one financial ecosystem with direct payouts to your accounts inside Genome.

  • Experienced personalized support team and professional compliance advisers.

  • Easy API integration on your website, custom checkout pages, over 130 currencies available.

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